District Energy: Now's the TimeNRG Energy Center Harrisburg LLC oversees three facilities which provide energy-efficient and environmentally sound district heating and cooling for buildings in a one-square-mile area of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, central business district, which includes the Capitol Complex.

NRG Harrisburg generates and distributes steam for use in space heating, domestic hot water heating, humidification and industrial processes.

System Profile

Services provided: Steam for space heating, domestic hot water heating, humidification, industrial processes and chilled water for cooling. We also repair and maintain customer steam equipment.

Area served: 1 square mile of Harrisburg's central business district.

Buildings on system: District heating, nearly 125 customers; district cooling to both the UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital and the Dauphin County Courthouse complexes

Building space served: 10 million square feet

Total System Capacity: 400,000 lb/hr of steam and 3,600 tons of cooling (close to 10 million ton-hours annual chilled-water sales)


NRG Energy Center Harrisburg LLC - Equipped with four gas - and oil-fired boilers: two produce 120,000 lb/hr of steam, two produce 80,000 lb/hr.

NRG Energy Center Paxton LLC - Adjacent to NRG Energy Center Harrisburg LLC plant. This is a merchant plant owned by parent company NRG Thermal LLC. Contains two 6-MW diesel generators. The plant generates electricity for sale into the PJM grid.

NRG Harrisburg Cooling LLC - Operates under NRG Harrisburg Cooling. Houses three 1,200-ton electric-driven chillers.


  • Capitol Complex
  • UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital
  • Hilton Harrisburg Hotel & Towers
  • Strawberry Square
  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Sci-Tech High


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